Interview with Alexandra Herrmann, spokeswoman for the CAB Concept Cluster and responsible for Products and Marketing at Fritzmeier Systems

“Connectivity: Stay with us, stay connected!” is the theme of Systems and Components 2017, and nowhere is this better highlighted than through the Smart CAB, created by the CAB Concept Cluster (CCC). The CCC is a group of companies and associations that share a similar innovative outlook to address the need of the agricultural industry to have an “ideal” cabin, the Smart CAB, which will be unveiled at AGRITECHNICA 2017 at Systems & Components. Alexandra Herrmann, spokeswoman for the CCC, shared some of the Cluster’s history and background.

What is the CCC and the Smart CAB?

The CCC is a group of 13 companies and associations (Aurora, Bosch, Fritzmeier Systems, Grammer, Hella, Hydac, MEKRA Lang, Tenstar, S.M.A. Metalltechnik, Lumod design agency, TU Dresden University of Technology, Deula, AEF and DLG with Systems & Components as hosting partner) that have come together to share their knowledge and expertise to create the perfect cabin, the Smart CAB.

Where did the idea of the Smart CAB come from?

All the partners benefit greatly from the positive synergies when theory and daily practice come together. We all have similar goals – we are all driven by system integration, modularity and digitalization. In the end, we wanted to give potential customers the chance to see that we have created something great and have integrated a lot of functions and innovations. They have the possibility to see what we have done by collaborating.

There is also the economic value added for the OEMs which is much more than just product benefits: they are offered the opportunity of final series implementation while risks remain limited and costs are reduced while they strengthen their own competitiveness in the market.

The main theme of Systems & Components this year is “Connectivity – Stay with us, Stay connected!” How can you see this in the Smart CAB?

The CCC is the perfect example of connectivity and is demonstrated in every aspect, from the basic concept of bringing many companies and associations together to the actual interaction of the many systems and components that we bring together in the final product.

Behind the Cluster people are working together and in the end, it’s all about the connectivity between people to make sure that we keep up to date with the project and are constantly bringing the best and most recent developments to the table. Together, all members of the cluster network benefit in the market, much more then when dealing as individual companies.

Can you give us a preview of some of the new aspects that will be featured in the Smart CAB?

The Smart CAB is based on a multifunctional serial cabin, which is developed to meet the requirements in the agricultural industry. Our big driving factors are system integration, interconnectedness and digitalization as well as modularity.

When it comes to the Smart Cab as a final product, we have to ask you to wait until the official unveiling at Systems & Components.

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