DLG Italia is the Italian subsidiary of DLG, the German Agricultural Society (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gessellschaft) which organizes international trade shows in the agricultural-food and animal husbandry sectors. This branch was established in October 2015 and is directed by Raffaele Talarico. DLG Italia is DLG International’s eighth subsidiary.


Raffaele Talarico was appointed Managing Director of DLG Italia in October 2015. For more than 10 years, he worked at DLG e.V. from Italy, playing a major role in promoting the competitive position of DLG’s trade shows AGRITECHNICA, EuroTier and EnergyDecentral, among others, in Italy. Since 2011, he is responsible for “Systems and Components“, the specialized B2B platform within AGRITECHNICA.
Coming from the field of testing and certification of Ag Machinery, he has acquired significant expertise and skills over the years on an international level. Dr. Talarico graduated in Germany from the Justus Liebig University and holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Mechanization.


Nicoletta Frioni, Exhibitor Marketing and Communications, coordinates DLG Italia and has worked for DLG since 2010 in exhibitor assistance in the tradeshow department and for DLG Italia since 2016. She has extensive experience in tradeshows in the sectors of agricultural machinery and animal husbandry.

Coming from the United States, Kirsten Welter, Exhibitor Marketing and International Communications, joined DLG Italia in 2016 to support the team with her communications background and in exhibitor organization and support.