Interview with DLG Italia’s CEO Raffaele Talarico

Talarico (DLG Italia): “We’re bringing innovation to the field at Hortitechnica

DLG Italia’s CEO explains his expectations of the November trade fair in Stuttgart dedicated to agromechanics for the cultivation of fruits, vegetables and special crops inside Intervitis Interfructa
DLG Italia will be a major player in the first edition of Hortitechnica at the Stuttgart trade fair inside Intervitis Interfructa (November 27th-30th) with the presentation of the Head Crop Special “Italians take the field”, where the entire production process for head lettuce will be reproduced, thanks to the agromechanical excellence of four Italian companies, Argo Tractors – Landini, Ortomec, Sfoggia and Forigo. This is an occasion to showcase “Made in Italy” innovation. AgroNotizie interviewed Raffaele Talarico, the managing director of DLG Italia, on his perspective and expectations for this important event.

Director Talarico, DLG is once again taking the field to highlight innovation even more.
“Of course, our imperative is innovation. DLG has always distinguished themselves through this concept since it is one of the pillars upon which we base our association. DLG, founded more than 130 years ago by Eng. Max Eyth, has always upheld the same principles, one of which is that innovation linked to professionality brings long term results. The spread of knowledge is the only path that brings improvements that lead to “modernization”, in practical terms efficiency and sustainability. For us in our DLG Italia office, our mission remains the same, and we also have the goal of spreading “Made in Italy” excellence around the world. Founder Eng. Max Eyth’s words conclude a timeless message: ‘The goal is not to produce excellence but also know how to apply it.’

Hortitechnica is also an important meeting point for many Italian companies. What is the added value of the Head Crop Special for the companies involved?
The title of the Head Crop Special “Italians take the field” was thought of with a meaning on different levels. First and foremost, the literal meaning of “take the field” was chosen because it explains in a very direct way what the special event exactly is. The companies involved must perform live demonstrations of their machinery for every step in the production chain. If we read “take the field” in a broader sense, it means that the companies, all top of the line Italian companies in this sector, have collaboratively reproduced the entire production chain. We like to think that thanks to the union of our best Italian companies, the result will definitely be greater than the sum of the parts. The added value lies in the fact that we are able to demonstrate something that has never been created before in this way. The spectator will have the possibility to see the entire work process, step by step, in only two hours. All of the processes have been thought out in an agronomical sequence and will be explained step by step by a moderator. Therefore, the spread of knowledge remains the thread that binds the “Made in Italy” group, the group that has given us the possibility to take the field and demonstrate our technologies, together.

This is the premiere of this trade fair event. What are your expectations?
DLG has always been forward-looking, creating a solid bridge towards progress, and we also have a long-term vision for this project. Lay the foundation to get to an important horticultural fair. Creating new, highly specialized fairs in an international network gives both exhibitors and visitors the possibility to have a showcase to export their experience and further their knowledge. The DLG network around the world has always worked with this goal in mind. We also always pay attention to small and medium sized businesses to give them the possibility to have a platform that acts as a launch pad.
The collaboration with the Stuttgart trade fair in the organization of the first edition of Hortitechnica was achieved thanks to the strategic position of the fair combined with the experience of two historical organizational corporations. In fact, we’re proud to announce the “duplication” of the event with an Asian edition in Bangkok from March 15th to 17th, 2017 called Horti Asia.

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