Cooling Dry Cows: An Important Investment

Speaking of heat stress in dry cows might seem out of place in the context of milk prices and production costs, but improving the microclimate of the animals represents a targeted investment with low costs and huge benefits. Even dry cows must be protected from the stress of heat and the subsequent benefits are seen in the lactation period and in calves. Heat stress can compromise the health, fertility and productivity of lactating cows.

Looking at stress reduction from heat in dry cows presents the question of what value animals in this phase add to farm productivity. Many farmers have learned that this is the most important period of the productive cycle, even if it is not during the lactation period. Veterinarians and nutritionists also recognize that investments made during this period guarantee a decrease in metabolic disorders during lactation and are a sure method to increase the productivity and longevity of the cows.

EuroTier, the world’s most important tradeshow in animal husbandry held every two years in Hanover, Germany, sees more than 2.600 exhibitors and 160.000 visitors from around the world completely fill 240.000 sqm of exhibition space. 2018 will see more than 115 Italian exhibitors presenting their solutions for the international animal husbandry sector.

The Italian company Arienti, founded in 1970 by Giancarlo Arienti and since passed on to his son Paolo Arienti, is well-known in the animal husbandry sector for their quality and innovation in systems, accessories and equipment for livestock wellbeing, especially in cooling systems for cows. As a historic EuroTier exhibitor, Paolo Arienti, owner of Arienti, stated that “We believe that EuroTier is an event that cannot be missed because it is the most important trade fair in the sector in Europe.”

Arienti was able to shed some insight into the importance of cooling dry cows and Arienti’s solutions to this important topic with DLG Italia.

Quoting from your website, “Thanks to proper ventilation we can have increased milk productivity – improved animal welfare”. Could you explain this concept better?

The starting point for all research on bovine welfare is the monitoring of the animal’s temperature, which depends on the relative temperature perceived by the animal, measured through Temperature Humidity Index (THI). The problem with dairy cattle is that in the summer, high temperatures reduce both milk production and fertility rates.

Therefore, we directly address the body temperature of dairy cows through studies, installation of systems, and data analysis to provide a new concept of stable management to farmers to provide a concrete solution to the problem.                                            

Is it correct to say that by taking animal wellbeing into account to a great extent, we can also achieve a reduction in costs and an increase in revenue?

Indeed, if the farmer manages to maintain the animals’ temperature in the ideal range, the risk of losing milk production and fertility is considerably reduced and as a consequence he has no monetary loss. With our new working method we give farmers the tools needed to keep milk production and fertility constant over time, and this translates into lower losses and therefore secure earnings.

Cooling and reducing heat stress in dry cows is important. Why is that? What are your products that promote the wellbeing of cows at this time?

There is ample evidence that cows subjected to heat stress in the last two months of pregnancy will have lactation at yields 10% lower than their potential. For this reason, dry cows should be cooled in the same way as cows in production.

What innovations are you presenting at EuroTier this year?

We will present our Elements Program where we represent the various phases of work, including studies, analyses, design, installation of our systems and results already obtained with an illustrative graphic. We will then present our new program not only as a function of sales in itself but as a solution to an important problem of the breeder.

The next edition of EuroTier will be held this November from the 13th to the 16th in Hanover, Germany. This leading tradeshow also hosts EnergyDecentral, a tradeshow for local energy supply. The main theme for EuroTier 2018 is “Digital Animal Farming – Management Support, Animal Health, Food Safety”.

EuroTier is geared towards animal husbandry and breeding with a technical program addressing breeding to marketing to technology and farm inputs for producing milk, meat, eggs and fish. 2016 also hosted the World Poultry Show (WPS), the huge international gathering point for the poultry sector. The next edition of WPS will once again be held with Eurotier in 2020.

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