DLG Agrifuture Insights

DLG-Agrifuture Insights, the new DLG knowledge brand and platform for international trend analyses in the agricultural sector, provides insights into the developments that are taking place in some of the world’s most important agricultural regions. The focus is on animal husbandry and crop production, machinery and equipment, management, business climate and willingness to invest, the top-5 investments and prevailing policies.

In this way DLG-Agrifuture Insights supports agribusiness companies in developing strategies for international markets and it gives farmer entrepreneurs important stimuli for developing their business. The basis for such monitoring around the world is a global panel made up of 2,000 future-oriented leading farmers together with well-founded background research. In the 2018 report, there are 13 countries represented (Thailand, Brazil, Zambia, South Africa, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Russia, Netherlands, USA, Iran, China), with 150 farmers per country directly collaborating with DLG to better express farmers’ needs, past trends and future predictions.

Agrifuture Insights includes:

  • Country reports for 13 countries
  • Trend reports on arable, pig and dairy farming worldwide
  • Background reports (politics, markets, society, focus interviews with experts and decision-makers)
  • Individual – customer-specific analyses, monitoring, reports and events
  • 4 newsletters per year

For more information regarding Agrifuture Insights, check out http://www.dlg-international.com/en/dlg-agrifuture-insights/ or contact us at info.italia@dlg.org or +39 0510068347.

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