Frabes: EuroTier from the perspective of an Italian collective

EuroTier, the world’s most important tradeshow for animal husbandry, attracts top exhibitors from around the world. Of the 2.600 exhibitors and 115 Italian exhibitors that fill 240.000 sqm of exhibition space, Frabes, a rapidly growing company in the production of raw materials and finished high quality feed, will participate once again this November in Hanover as part of the all-Italian collective Land of Italy.

Frabes began as a family business in the 1970s when Paolo and Valerio Bonassi founded the company to produce milk replacers for calves on the family farm. Since 2009, the company has continued to grow through its commercial production of raw materials and feed for the animal husbandry industry. The goal of Frabes is to promote a reduction and a conscious use of antibiotics in animal production through research and future developments and products of the company.

GMF Technology

The uncontrolled use of antibiotics in livestock is directly related to the health of people and involves the entire supply chain as well as environmental sustainability. Frabes is addressing this issue through its research which has led to the development of a registered patent (GMF) for the addition of the natural prebiotics GOS, FOS and MOS in its raw materials. Their combination of high quality raw materials and the new GMF technology provides the livestock industry with the opportunity to benefit from all advantages of innovative feeding.

GMF, developed with R&D of Veterinary University of Milan, is Frabes’ patent of the technology for producing and using galacto-oligosaccharides, fructo-oligosaccharides and mannan-oligosaccharides in its milk replacers. GMF promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, which produce short-chain fatty acids. These favor the intestinal health and, thanks to the relation between the “good” bacteria and the immune system, young animal well-being and growth is significantly improved.

‘Land of Italy’

Frabes is an original member of Land of Italy, an all-Italian collective of non-competing companies in the animal husbandry sector founded in 2016. Originally, the collective was composed of four companies – Frabes, Carra Mangimi and New Feed Team – while BBC joined the group this year. Emanuele Quartini, Export Activity Coordinator for Land Of Italy, explains that their goals are to continue to support member companies in the export sector as well as having a larger collective presence in more international tradeshows in the animal husbandry sector and to share risks while facing foreign markets. Land of Italy participated in EuroTier 2016 and will return once again this November. To date, in addition to EuroTier, Land of Italy has also partaken in tradeshows and events in Russia, Iran, Israel and Romania.

Jas Solano, Sales Manager of Frabes, was able to provide insight into Frabes’ experience as a member company of Land of Italy as well as in EuroTier.

Quoting your website, “Frabes of the future aims to be the market leader in the production of feed and dairy raw materials that allow sustainable and natural farming.” Can you tell us more about this?

Frabes has been producing raw materials and food for animal husbandry for 40 years and is present in Italy as well as in various countries around the world. We specialize in the production of products for the weaning of young animals (calves, pigs, sheep, goats and buffalo) and our experience has enabled us to develop WPS, a patented raw material, which was presented at EuroTier 2016 and makes it possible to exploit the dairy proteins contained in Frabes WPC35 and natural prebiotics such as GOS, MOS and FOS. We are therefore active in the development of foods that help reduce the use of antibiotics and improve animal welfare.

Frabes is part of the Land of Italy, an all-Italian collective. In the 2016 edition of EuroTier there were only 3 companies: Frabes, Carra Mangimi and New Feed Team. Why have you made this decision? How did the idea come about?

Frabes’ first participation in EuroTier dates back to 2014 and before that date, its export business involved only two or three countries, all of them within the European Union. Our first EuroTier was a success and a launchpad for the export of our products thanks to the fact that we achieved worldwide visibility, of which we are still reaping the benefits. Today we are actively present in 22 countries. In addition to the countries of the European Union and in particular the entire Mediterranean area (Israel, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and Spain, just to mention the most important), we constantly export from the Baltic States to the Balkans without overlooking Russia, Vietnam and Thailand.

We therefore realized that an event of the magnitude of EuroTier deserved more effort given the results achieved. From that experience, we also understood that for a company like ours, a small-medium sized Italian company, it was necessary to join forces with other companies to have greater visibility and concentrate ‘Italian excellence’ in a single space at events of great importance. The main reasons the led us to look for partners for the Land of Italy project were not only to do business, but also to team up and join forces to face foreign markets. Carra Mangimi and New Feed Team immediately embraced the project with enthusiasm and actively participated in its creation.

Would participation as an individual company have been different in your opinion?

Since we participated in 2014 as a single company and as a member of Land of Italy in 2016, we were able to compare our participation in the two editions of EuroTier. Undoubtedly, the latter allowed us to have a larger stand and therefore to be better identified by visitors, more comfortable for the reception of customers and more effective in terms of communicating the value of our products and ‘Made in Italy’.

Land Of Italy was also the beginning of the sharing between the members of their experiences in the organization of events such as tradeshows abroad, foreign distributors and visits to them as well as the procedures for the export and registration of products.

This year you will benefit from more experience at the tradeshow and with one more company (BBC). Is the family growing?

The goal of the members of Land Of Italy is to involve more companies that do not compete with each other to join forces in tackling experiences such as EuroTier and the development of new markets.

BBC is a partner company that has believed in the Land of Italy project and has seen the opportunity to grow further in international markets with a group of already established companies. EuroTier 2018 will therefore see Land Of Italy with four companies (Frabes, Carra Mangimi, New Feed Team and BBC), but the doors are open to new participants in the future.

The next edition of EuroTier will be held this November from the 13th to the 16th in Hanover, Germany. This leading tradeshow also hosts EnergyDecentral, a tradeshow for local energy supply. The main theme for EuroTier 2018 is “Digital Animal Farming – Management Support, Animal Health, Food Safety”.

EuroTier is geared towards animal husbandry and breeding with a technical program addressing breeding to marketing to technology and farm inputs for producing milk, meat, eggs and fish. 2016 also hosted the World Poultry Show (WPS), the huge international gathering point for the poultry sector. The next edition of WPS will once again be held with Eurotier in 2020.

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