DLG’s quality tests for agricultural machinery, equipment and farm inputs

DLG’s quality tests for agricultural machinery, equipment and farm inputs are international leaders in their fields. Through its professional work and its network of experts, DLG repeatedly provides fresh impulses for practitioners, providing services in the fields of:

  • Homologation
  • Certification
  • Performance testing
  • Support to R&D Services

The DLG Test Reports offer an excellent opportunity to assess and compare the quality and performance capability of agricultural machinery and equipment independently of manufacturers. It publishes test reports through professionals and a structured network of trusted technical media channels. Current test reports as well as over 4.000 other test results are published on http://www.DLG Test.de and can be retrieved from the database – an up-to-date and well-used information platform for investment decision-makers.

DLG Italia has a dedicated technical department, led by Agronomist Paolo Bertin, in order to offer an even more complete service to Italian companies. We are able to technically support Italian companies in the testing and certification of agricultural machinery and components through DLG’s test center in Gross-Umstadt, Germany. 

Through the measuring department and test engineering, DLG offers extraordinary possibilities for informing machine manufacturers about their products’ performance and power requirements. Through fuel consumption stations, the DLG Test Centre performs gravimetric consumption measurements, fuel feed / return pressure and temperature conditioning for determining engine output and diesel particulate filter regeneration, conducting tests according to OECD Tractor Code 2, for which the testing station is appointed by the Federal Motor Transport Authority. Furthermore the mobile exhaust gas measurements (PEMS) allows the engineering team to coordinate and understand the relationship between consumption and gas and particle emissions (in compliance with SAE J1939), during the fieldwork or during the DLG PowerMix field and transport cycles.

DLG has tailored a specific testing offer for manufacturers willing to undergo an on-the-go performance assessment of their implement and machines.

Moreover, as a complimentary testing operation, DLG´s engineering team offers specialized assessments for understanding power requirements and working quality of implements and general equipment. For example, as a basic testing program, the determination of performance data with a PTO hub dynamo is used to measure torque [Nm], pto speed [rpm], and power requirements [kW] which is matched to the related cruise speed during testing operations.

To develop your testing program, please contact Mr. Bertin to know more about our testing strategies and to define possible approaches for developing R&D protocols and improving the working quality of your implements.

Paolo Bertin, Technical Dept. & Certification Services
+39 340 4768249

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