“Mechanization Field Day” in Myannmar

Check out some of the highlights of AGRITECHNICA ASIA’s “Mechanization Field Day” held on May 3 in Letpadan, Myanmar.

AGRITECHNICA ASIA will take place at BITEC event grounds in Bangkok from August 22 – 24, 2018 for the second edition and will expand with the launch of Systems & Components Asia, a specialized tradeshow within AGRITECHNICA ASIA. Systems & Components is market and content-driven and an international platform for highlighting the latest developments in the sectors of transmissions, engines and hydraulics for agricultural machinery and related industries.

2018 will also see the Maintenance Special Show where together with the collaboration of partner companies and associations, Systems & Components Asia is presenting a special show touching on every aspect of maintenance operations, from the basics to the most advanced techniques. 190 sqm will be divided in two areas, one dedicated to “Smart and Predictive Maintenance” where companies can showcase their innovative products in hydraulics, transmissions, engines, cabins and HMI. The other area will highlight “Basic Maintenance”, with live demonstrations and equipment workshops regarding cardan shafts, gearbox sealing, tractor maintenance and tires.

Contact Kirsten Welter at k.welter@dlg.org or Paolo Bertin at p.bertin@dlg.org for more information.

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