DLG Test Centre’s “Forestry, municipal and horticultural technology” Department

DLG’s quality tests for agricultural machinery, equipment and farm inputs are international leaders in their fields. Through its professional work and network of experts, DLG continuously provides new ideas and innovations for practitioners, providing services in the fields of:

  • Homologation
  • Certification
  • Performance testing
  • Support to R&D Services

The DLG Test Reports are an excellent opportunity to assess and compare the quality and performance capability of agricultural machinery and equipment independently of manufacturers. Test reports are published through professionals and a structured network of trusted technical media channels. Current test reports as well as over 4.000 other test results are published on http://www.dlg.org/dlgtestreports.html and can be retrieved from the database – an up-to-date and well-used information platform for investment decision-makers.

DLG Italia has a dedicated technical department, led by Agronomist Paolo Bertin, in order to offer an even more complete service to Italian companies. We are able to technically support Italian companies in the testing and certification of agricultural machinery and components through DLG’s test center in Gross-Umstadt, Germany. 

Through the dedicated “Forestry, municipal and horticultural technology” department, the DLG Test Centre also offers specialized homologation and testing services in the field of agriculture and forestry technology.

Examples of measurement of sound power and vibrations on the handles of small motorized devices (pictures 1 and 2) and stone throw testing (picture 3)

DLG also offers multiple services such as consultancy, safety testing in accordance with the Machine Directive, type approval testing, tests for obtaining GS, CE and other certification marks to all manufacturers of small power equipment or municipal and forestry applications in general.

test 4

The DLG Test Centre is an accredited body for the GS (“Greprüfte Sicherheit” or “approved safety”) award of safety compliance certified by a state-approved independent body. Through this approval, DLG takes into account product testing and inspection of lawn mowers, brush cutters, chain saws and other examinations performed on cable winches.

DLG’s department dedicated to forest technologies is also able to certify products according to ISO 17025 for:

  • Kickback of chainsaws
  • Sound and vibrations
  • Brush cutters
  • Lawn mowers and mulchers
  • ROPs (rollover protection) and FOPs
  • PTO shaft guards

Other examinations and tests according to legal requirements such as machine directives 2006/42/EC and 2000/14/EC for noise emissions by outdoor equipment are also performed.

For more information about our testing areas, please take a look at our official and free-available test reports: http://www.dlg.org/dlgtestreports.html

For any technical requests, please contact:
Mr. Paolo Bertin, Technical Dept. & Certification Services p.bertin@dlg.org
T: +39 340 47 68 249

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