Fendt 828 Vario S4 tractor awarded “DLG-APPROVED PowerMix 2017”

DLG’s quality tests for agricultural machinery, equipment and farm inputs are international leaders in their fields. Through its professional work and its network of experts, DLG repeatedly provides fresh impulses for practitioners, providing services in the fields of:

  • Homologation
  • Certification
  • Performance testing
  • Support to R&D Services

The DLG Test Reports offer an excellent opportunity to assess and compare the quality and performance capability of agricultural machinery and equipment independently of manufacturers. It publishes test reports through professionals and a structured network of trusted technical media channels. Current test reports as well as over 4.000 other test results are published on http://www.DLG Test.de and can be retrieved from the database – an up-to-date and well-used information platform for investment decision-makers.

DLG Italia has a dedicated technical department, led by Agronomist Paolo Bertin, in order to offer an even more complete service to Italian companies. We are able to technically support Italian companies in the testing and certification of agricultural machinery and components through DLG’s test center in Gross-Umstadt, Germany. 

DLG PowerMix – The premium class for determining the energy efficiency of tractors

On the basis of typical tractor workloads in practice, the DLG Test Commission has defined 14 load cycles, under which the fuel and AdBlue consumption, the performance and ultimately the energy efficiency of the overall vehicle are determined.

The main features concern the simulation of field operations cycles, transport cycles and tests on the chassis dynamometer – the so-called “field on a test bench”.

test cycles

The load cycles reflect typical field and transport work in both the partial and full load range. Tests cover pure pulling work, e.g. with a plough or cultivator, as well as mixed work using the PTO shaft and the hydraulic system in addition to the drive.

This is the case, for instance, during field work with a rotary harrow, mower, manure spreader or baler. Heavy and light transport tasks are also reproduced to check road efficiency in order to obtain an overall picture of the tractors’ energy efficiency in practical use under reproducible conditions.

The test criteria are based on measurement procedures to test performance and efficiency under practical and repeatable conditions.

Fendt 828 Vario S4

The Fendt 828 Vario S4 tractor passed all areas of the test criteria defined in the DLG test frame. Based on the results obtained from the performance tests carried out, the Fendt 828 Vario S4 tractor is awarded the “DLG-APPROVED PowerMix 2017”.


In an evaluation that went beyond the measured values, especially during extensive practical use by several farmers and contractors, consistently good and very good evaluations were achieved.

Discover more at: http://www.dlg.org/fendt_828_vario_s4.html

Download the full test-report, available for free.

For any technical requests, please contact:

Mr. Paolo Bertin, Technical Dept. & Certification Services
T: +39 340 47 68 249

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