DLG Italia’s “Cow Cocktail” for EuroTier and EnergyDecentral

Eurotier 2018 logologo_energydecentral_sm

On Thursday, March 8, DLG Italia held a dynamic EuroTier / EnergyDecentral press event at Fico Eataly in Bologna. Exhibitors shared their EuroTier experiences while multiple journalists participated from various publications. Giorgio Setti, journalist for Informatore Zootecnico and Rivista di Suinicoltura, Alessandro Amadei, journalist for Allevatori Top and Mattia Trevini, journalist for Informatore Agrario and MAD attended the event, covering the entire range of Italian press regarding animal husbandry.

Raffaele Talarico, Managing Director of DLG Italia, welcomed participants with a historical background on DLG and DLG Italia and led a productive discussion regarding animal husbandry tradeshows in Italy, actively involving all participants who were then able to share their experiences in the sector and discuss the potential of the Italian market.

Renato Zanetti, Sales Manager of Faresin Industries, discussed their positive experience in EuroTier as an established company producing mixer wagons and telescopic handlers in the animal husbandry and ag machinery sectors.

Emanuele Quartini, Export Activity Coordinator of “Land of Italy”, a collective of four companies in the animal husbandry sector, spoke of their first experience in EuroTier 2016 and their goals of expanding their international activities and tradeshow participation as well as the sharing of knowledge and experience. Jas Solano, Sales Manager of Frabes, one of the companies in “Land of Italy”, went into more depth regarding their activities and EuroTier participation as a milk replacer company.

As the only Italian company to have ever won an innovation award at EuroTier, Matteo Reggiani, Marketing Manager of Dinamica Generale, discussed their award winning innovative system, VISIOMIX, which is based on computer vision technology and capable of measuring the homogeneity and length of fibers within the feed mixer.

Roberta Bobbo and Elisa Zagagnin, Sales and Marketing Manager of Acquaforte Travel Designers, spoke of their experience in the organization of trips in the agricultural and animal husbandry sectors and a future collaboration with DLG Italia for exhibitors and visitors for their international tradeshows.

To conclude the event, interviews with all participating companies were carried out to further understand their varying perspectives on the animal husbandry market and their specific products to address market needs. One original interview will be published monthly for the next three months, starting with Dinamica Generale.

EuroTier, the world’s most important tradeshow in animal husbandry, will be held this November from the 13th to the 16th in Hanover, Germany. With more than 115 Italian exhibitors, this leading tradeshow also hosts EnergyDecentral, a tradeshow for local energy supply. The main theme for EuroTier 2018 is “Digital Animal Farming – Management Support, Animal Health, Food Safety”.

EuroTier is geared towards animal husbandry and breeding with a technical program addressing breeding to marketing to technology and farm inputs for producing milk, meat, eggs and fish. 2016 also hosted the World Poultry Show (WPS), the huge international gathering point for the poultry sector. The next edition of WPS will once again be held with Eurotier in 2020.

More information can be found at https://www.eurotier.com/ and https://www.energy-decentral.com/.

For more information, contact:

Nicoletta Frioni


+39 051 0068343

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