Dinamica Generale: EuroTier Innovation Award Winner

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EuroTier, the world’s most important tradeshow in animal husbandry held every two years in Hanover, Germany, sees more than 2.600 exhibitors and 160.000 visitors from around the world completely fill 240.000 sqm of exhibition space. 2018 will see more than 115 Italian exhibitors, one of which is Dinamica Generale – the only Italian company to have ever won an innovation award at EuroTier.

As a company that prides itself for their innovations and ideas (“idee” in Italian), the self-created acronym IDEE is perfect for Dinamica Generale – I for ideas, D for dedication, E for energy and E for experience. Founded in 1990, the company is a leading global manufacturer of weighing systems, electronic sensors, customizable solutions and global leader in NIR technology with the goal of always providing innovative market-oriented electronic solutions and sensors in animal feeding and agricultural applications, on-board weighing, industrial and medical industries.

Innovation Award

EuroTier Innovation Award applicants face stringent criteria as well as judging by an independent and international panel of experts including scientists, researchers and consultants. Forward-looking farmers have also been on the committee since 2003 to reflect the needs and views at a more practical level.

A EuroTier Innovation Gold Award must have the following criteria:

  • Relevance at farm level
  • Animal welfare
  • Benefits in profitability and processes
  • Benefits to environment and energy use
  • Benefits for work load and safety

To win a EuroTier Innovation Silver Award, the product must have the following criteria:

  • Relevance at farm level
  • Benefits to work load and quality of the work
  • Improved reliability

2016 saw Dinamica Generale win an EuroTier Innovation Silver Award – the first Italian company to have ever won an EuroTier Innovation Award. Matteo Reggiani, Marketing Manager of Dinamica Generale, was able to answer questions regarding the company, their innovations and views on EuroTier.

Why does Dinamica Generale, a company that is at the forefront of new technologies and applications, choose EuroTier?

EuroTier is the most important international trade fair for the animal husbandry sector with a truly global visibility. We have been participating in EuroTier for 10 years and we believe that it is the number one showcase for presenting innovations, developing new valuable relationships with major players, comparing ourselves to the market and finding new stimuli to improve.

VISIOMIX is the mixing control system that won the silver medal at EuroTier 2016. Could you explain what it is? What are its most innovative characteristics?

VISIOMIX can be mounted on every feed mixer on the market and is the first and only system capable of measuring the homogeneity and length of the fibers through the use of computer vision technology applied to the TMR mix inside the feed mixer. The mixing is automatically adjusted by VISIOMIX to the ideal degree of homogeneity and fiber length analyzed by the system. This control is of paramount importance because it can affect rumination, sorting activities, production yield and animal health in dairy and beef cattle. VISIOMIX, together with Precision Feeding systems provided by Dinamica Generale, offers the opportunity to extend the control of feeding from the loading stage to mixing and distribution with positive effects on productivity of the herd as well as farming income.

Will you be presenting a new product for the innovation this year as well? Are there any new products that you intend to present on your stand?

We will surely bring innovations to the tradeshow, and as for the innovation award, our Research and Development Department is working on many innovative projects. Many of them are top secret at the moment … just think that I am not even aware of them!

What kind of return have you had since the last edition? There certainly must have been a lot of curiosity about an Italian company that won an award.

We were in the spotlight for the entire duration of the event – TV, press, the public and visitors constantly visited our stand to get to know us and better understand the innovative character of our solution. The captivating presentation of the new VISIOMIX device with the use of augmented reality increased curiosity and general interest. The awareness curve did not end with the fair and overall brand awareness certainly benefited. Dinamica Generale was the first Italian company to win an innovation award at Eurotier, and we are proud of the results achieved as we work to achieve new and important goals.

The next edition of EuroTier will be held this November from the 13th to the 16th in Hanover, Germany. This leading tradeshow also hosts EnergyDecentral, a tradeshow for local energy supply. The main theme for EuroTier 2018 is “Digital Animal Farming – Management Support, Animal Health, Food Safety”.

EuroTier is geared towards animal husbandry and breeding with a technical program addressing breeding to marketing to technology and farm inputs for producing milk, meat, eggs and fish. 2016 also hosted the World Poultry Show (WPS), the huge international gathering point for the poultry sector. The next edition of WPS will once again be held with Eurotier in 2020.

More information can be found at https://www.eurotier.com/ and https://www.energy-decentral.com/.

For more information, please contact:
Nicoletta Frioni
+39 051 0068343

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