DLG Wintertagung

The digital operation

Implementation of the new fertilizer ordinance, increasing resistance in arable farming, increasing demands on animal welfare and digitalization as a technological “megatrend”. These are some of the topics that will move agricultural entrepreneurs in 2018. The DLG Wintertagung, taking place on a yearly basis in Münster, this year from February 20 – 21 is a platform for knowledge exchange highlighting key developments relevant to farmers and the agricultural sector in 2018.

Effects of digitization on production processes in agriculture and animal husbandry  

Digitization can be key to meeting agricultural challenges. Through the highly efficient use of nutrients thanks to the combination of digital soil maps and fertilizer technology, sensor- and camera-supported measurement of animal activities or communication from machine to machine for smooth harvesting logistics, digitization promises a wide range of applications for optimally planning, documenting and controlling processes. Data has become a key factor of production, a trend that DLG Italia already identified and addressed in Systems & Components 2017 for the supplier sector.

At the plenary session, practitioners and experts from the scientific community showed how solutions adapted to the needs of the entire company can be presented and how digitization actually affects the processes in arable farming and animal husbandry. The impulse forum “Business Model Data” focused on data as an innovation driver in agricultural engineering and as a new resource for farmers, which must be used intelligently in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit.

In the impulse forums of the DLG committees, practitioners and experts from the fields of consulting and science provide food for thought for setting the course in arable farming, dairy cattle and pig husbandry, business management and forestry. Farmers have to adapt to changing conditions in order to make operational decisions. Experts from agribusiness and consulting receive first-hand assessments of current developments in agriculture.

The DLG Wintertagung also saw the election of the new DLG President, Hubertus Paetow, who succeeds Carl-Albrecht Bartmer after 12 years.

Present and future advancements for DLG Tested machines

Among the meetings held by the various experts from DLG and trusted experts at the plenary meeting, a session dedicated to new advancements and technical operations in organic fertilization was held by the engineers from the DLG Test Center stating the importance of operations assisted by real-time sensor technology and connectivity solutions through the current collaboration with Telespazio. Topics touched upon during this presentation included the extension of accreditations for the homologation field, for forest tractors and trailers (Cat. T, C / R), forestry equipment (Cat. S) and self-propelled machines in general.

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