The varying perspectives of the mobile applications market

There are two clear realities when looking at the world – the markets which are still developing and those which have surpassed this phase and are instead at the technological forefront of the market. This gap is seen and felt even more from the engineering aspect in the agricultural machinery world. Systems & Components, the specialized tradeshow within Agritechnica, is a highly technological international engineering platform that is market and content driven and highlights innovations in agricultural machinery and related sectors.

Market foundations

“Basic engineering is the foundation of everything. We need to focus on the ABCs,” says Fabio Gallo, Strategic Marketing Director at Carraro DriveTech, a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery and transmissions. As the market continues to polarize, the differences between emerging markets and those more established are ever more evident. For more developed markets, the vehicle that will always be the market leader will be that which is loaded with technology, connectivity, electronics and characteristics that are always more advanced, whereas in the rest of the world, there is a need for a gradual and slow introduction of more refined technology.

These emerging markets are thirsty for knowledge, for information – “frugal engineering” at its peak. This concept of including only the essentials – only what is needed and nothing more – to create a reliable vehicle with very little maintenance, is the basis of this mentality. However, as Gallo stressed, the European market needs a completely different product, and for companies to be global players, they can’t limit themselves to one reality or another – they must be able to see products differently to fulfill the needs of different markets.

Gallo stated, “Carraro is a global player and produces axles and transmissions for vehicles around the world. We combine both ‘frugal engineering’ with intelligent solutions. This sets us apart as a system and component manufacturer. When talking about ‘frugal engineering’, we are talking about only including the essentials, exactly what is needed and nothing more. Vehicles need to be reliable. Emerging markets need a vehicle that will always work with very little maintenance. However, the European market needs a completely different product, and if we want to be a global player, we can’t limit ourselves to one position or another. We need to be able to see the same product differently and fulfill the needs of different markets.”

Proof in numbers

These emerging markets are growing at an astronomical rate, as are their needs for more machines. They might be more basic, but this is where numbers and sales are higher. These simple transmissions are what carry a company forward and give them the ability to invest in research and development on the technology needed in areas such as Europe and North America.

Looking at the global agricultural market, there is a divide between developed and developing countries. To bridge this gap, the transmission market has to keep in mind the different needs of different geographic areas while offering the same advantages of high quality transmissions: to guarantee maximum productivity of the tractor while minimizing emissions and fuel consumption.

Global markets

As the future becomes reality, Systems & Components is taking the next step to face the global market in Southeast Asia. As an innovative, highly technological tradeshow that is market and content driven, Systems & Components Asia will take place together with Agritechnica Asia and Horti Asia in Bangkok, Thailand from August 22 – 24, 2018 at the BITEC event grounds.

Maintenance of ag machinery is crucial in cost-savings and to increase productivity, but it is even more important in developing markets like Southeast Asia where the whole spectrum of maintenance, from basic to predictive maintenance is seen. Together with the collaboration of partner companies and associations, DLG Italia is organizing a special show – “Maintenance” – touching on every aspect of maintenance operations, from the basics to the most advanced techniques. There will be two areas, one of which will be dedicated to “Smart and Predictive Maintenance” where companies can showcase their innovative products in hydraulics, transmissions, engines, cabins and HMI. The other area will highlight “Basic Maintenance”, with live demonstrations and equipment workshops regarding cardan shafts, gearbox sealing, tractor maintenance and tires.

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