AgroExpoVostok, the first international tradeshow for agricultural machinery, crop production and animal husbandry in the Russian Far East, will be held from March 15 to 17, 2018 at the newly constructed venue PrimRing in Artem, between the rapidly developing port city of Vladivostok and its airport.

AgroExpoVostok is a new and innovative platform for farmers, investors, dealers and producers of agricultural machinery and farm inputs as well as central and regional authorities and agricultural associations.

The organizers of the exhibition, DLG Rus and IFWexpo Heidelberg, are both subsidiaries of DLG – the organizer of well-known international agricultural trade fairs such as AGRITECHNICA and EuroTier in Hanover, Germany.

According to Stefan Kresse, General Manager of IFWexpo Heidelberg: “The quality and availability of agricultural land, the growing demand of locally produced dairy, meat, fruits and vegetables and the proximity to the important export destinations China and Japan as well as the massive governmental support open up new opportunities for suppliers of agricultural machinery, equipment and technologies, making the establishment of a professional platform of the agribusiness viable.”

The trade fair sparked the interest of several machinery and equipment manufacturers and suppliers such as Amazone, Grimme, Dupont, Calf Tel, Bohnenkamp, Norika, Schumacher, Stoll, HAWE and many more.

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DLG organizes 40 tradeshows around the world with different partners. More information can be found at!/.

For more information, contact:
Nicoletta Frioni
+39 051 0068 343

Serena Lanzi
+39 051 0068 343

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