S&C Roundtable Thursday, 16/11

aidro logohydro_logo_tagline

On Thursday, November 16th, the Future Lounge at Systems & Components in Hall 17 G02 will hold a roundtable session, “Lightweight Materials in Mobile Applications”, after two engaging company spotlights and an out-of-the-box keynote speaker.

Along with moderator Mike Atig, the participants will provide different perspectives on how suppliers are addressing the market needs with stricter regulations while providing improved fuel consumption, reliability, increased technology transfer and lower costs.

Jonas Bjuhr, the Director Product Development at Hydro Extruded Solutions, will discuss the specialization of material developments in aluminum while Uwe Rastel, Vice President Engineering Fritzmeier Cabin Group, will present ideas for the use of aluminum in cabin construction. Ms. Valeria Tirelli, CEO of AIDRO will touch on the importance of materials in hydraulics with Dr.Ing. Gerhard Kopp, Group Leader “Lightweight concepts and methods for road vehicles” in the “Vehicle Architectures and Lightweight Design Concepts” Department for the DLR (German Aerospace Center) Institute of Vehicle Concepts discussing lightweight applications in the aerospace industry and their suitability in mobile applications.



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