5th Livestock Expo Zambia


Livestock Expo Zambia: International DLG trade fair for animal production and management

With over 60 million hectares of farmland and approximately 60% of the fresh water resources of Southern Africa, Zambia is the optimal location for a tradeshow in animal husbandry. Livestock Expo Zambia is held parallel with AgriTech Expo Zambia from April 12th – 14th, 2018 at GART, Research Centre, Chisamba and covers the complete value chain of the animal husbandry industry. The tradeshow is focused on breeding, farm inputs, feed production, animal housing and barn construction, as well as installations, technology for manure spreading, etc.

With a growing economy and stable government, the number of commercial farms is steadily rising in Zambia, from 400 in 2007 to 650 in 2012 and is more and more appealing for foreign investment. Thanks to its freshwater resources, Zambia offers ideal conditions for agriculture. About two thirds of the population are employed in this sector and contribute for more than 40% of the GDP. Because of the rapidly booming market in cities, the livestock sector, including the dairy industry, has excellent growth opportunities.

AgriTech Expo is organized by the Zambian National Farmers Union, ZNFU, which cooperates closely with DLG and has over 600,000 members. In 2017, Livestock Expo Zambia, together with AgriTech Expo, welcomed more than 18,000 visitors and 160 exhibitors.

For more information and to register for Livestock Expo Zambia, please contact Serena Lanzi and Nicoletta Frioni at info.italia@dlg.org or +39 051 0068343.

Factsheet Livestock Expo Zambia_Eng


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