Engines: One Piece of the Puzzle in Mobile Machinery

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As a central part of machinery, engines play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth, reliable performance of mobile machinery. As emissions standards become more rigid, market trends are moving increasingly more towards environmental sustainability as well as system integration. Engine manufacturers will have the opportunity to present their latest solutions at Systems & Components taking place at Agritechnica this November in Hanover.

European Stage V

From January 2019, the European Stage V standard will be effective within the European Union, enforcing the most stringent particulate and emissions standards in the world. The new regulations will see a 94 percent decrease in the mono-nitrogen oxides NO and NO2 (NOx) and hydrocarbons and a 98 percent cut in particulate matter (PM) compared to the Stage I regulation from 1999.

“Engines are core to any tractor or self-propelled vehicle,” says Raffaele Talarico, the project manager for Systems & Components. “This makes them an important part of our special show, and emission legislation is clearly a key area for these companies. Systems & Components is the ideal platform to explore the different emissions reduction strategies, and it gives farmers the perfect opportunity to look at engines in detail.”

Engine manufacturers are on the cutting edge of technology and must incorporate the latest to comply with both regional and global emissions regulations. Liebherr, a leading engine manufacturer, is addressing the needs of the market through various new engine models, some of which will be displayed at this year’s Systems & Components. Both the brand new 4-cylinder D964 with a displacement of 9 liters and an output power of up to 300 kW, available starting in 2019 and the D956 model with an output power of up to 400 kW and the same installation dimensions and interfaces as the D966 will be on view for visitors.

Machine integration

With constantly increasing cost pressure, the need for standardized solutions increases. Liebherr addresses also this need by offering a modular engine design, also with the new engine models D956 and D966. Through this engine design, machine integration is simplified and cost-effectiveness increased as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have the possibility to offer their machine in two power categories without changing the machine design.

The market requires a constant increase in productivity, and Kohler, another leading engine manufacturer, presents compact diesel engines equipped with smart maintenance solutions that require little to no user intervention in almost all cases. The KDI 3404 is the most compact engine in its category thanks to not using a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

Engines: The point of connectivity

Engines are an excellent example of the connectivity of systems and components in mobile machinery and perfectly exemplify the main theme of Systems & Components, “Stay with us, stay connected!”

At this year’s Agritechnica, Liebherr will be presenting their latest generation of telematics currently in development, the MCG units. In addition to providing the necessary functions like collecting and providing information for localization and machine operation, Volker Marquart, Product Management Industry from Liebherr-Elektronik GmbH, stated, “The main attribute of these units is the very powerful computer system that enables complex applications like the direct automated communication between two machines (M2M) and can therefore lead the way to functions like the electronic tow-bar.”

Visitors can fully experience the latest developments in engine technology by visiting the various booths and partaking in the forum sessions at Systems & Components.

Volker Marquardt

Volker Marquart, Product Management Industry from Liebherr-Elektronik GmbH


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