Systems & Components: Roundtable Sessions

Systems & Components is known as a platform that highlights innovations and visions in ag machinery and related sectors. This year’s edition is no different, as the in-depth technical forum program demonstrates. Systems & Components is proud to host a series of daily roundtable discussions on the hot topics currently facing the market.

These daily sessions are composed of a professional sector moderator, market leaders, international associations as well as important figures in research and academia. The participating companies will each present a topic that is unique and central to their developments and philosophy. These groups will discuss a different topic every day from 15.00 to 15.45 with time at the end of every session for audience interaction at the Systems & Components Future Lounge located in the annex of Hall 17 (Stand G02).

Monday, November 13th: “Smart and Predictive Maintenance in Mobile Machinery”

Prevent. This simple word summarizes an entire concept – intelligent maintenance is an important step when speaking of connectivity and Industry 4.0. Productive processes can be performed seamlessly with issues and problems being predicted and resolved before creating production losses for the end user. Ag machinery and related sectors are ready to take this leap for the ultimate connection to the future.

The participants are Giulio Ornella, Head of Fluid Power, Electronics and Advanced Engineering at Dana Off-Highway Drive and Motion Technologies; Peter Michael Synek, Deputy Managing Director of VDMA Fluid Power Association; Mr. Stefan Wallmüller, Head of Engine Controls at Liebherr Machines Bulle SA; and Roman C. Krähling, Head of Condition Monitoring, Fluid Management & Electronics at Argo Hytos.

Tuesday, November 14th: “Alternative Drive Systems”

Today’s agricultural mechanization is at a very high technological level in terms of automation and simplification of the production processes. What is needed today is an increase in both terms of efficiency as well as the capacity to interact with various machines through a “common language”. The future is electrification – there is still a ways to go, but the goals are clear.

Tuesday’s participants are Gerhard Stempfer, Head of Electrification at ZF; Hagen Adam, Managing Director and Business Field Manager Off Road at AVL; Massimo Palomba, Product Manager for Electromobility at Bonfiglioli; Harald Dietel, from Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) and „High Voltage” Project Management and Team Leader for Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF); and Professor Thomas Herlitzius from TÜ Dresden as Moderator.

Wednesday, November 15th: “Human Machine Interface”

We are ultimately arriving at the interaction between machines and machines. Today’s reality is different from the past – “Human Computer Interaction” – where the new challenge is “how to communicate intentions”. To succeed, communication channels need to be more expressive, more refined, to let relevant messages stand out and allow more subtle clues to filter through. Connectivity between humans and machines is already here, but the future will bring this connection to a more sophisticated level.

The participants are  Dr. Marcus Hiemer from ZF Friedrichshafen AG; Dr. agr. Hartmut Matthes from CLAAS; Alberto Rocchi, Electronic Design Manager at Walvoil; and Manfred Dorn, Head of Design at User Interface Design GmbH.

Thursday, November 16th: “Lightweight Materials in Mobile Applications”

As interfaces evolve, so must the construction of both machines and the components that they are composed of. Materials used in ag machinery and that of related industries are constantly evolving to meet stricter regulations that better protect both the consumer and the environment while providing improved consumption, reliability and lower costs. The future of materials is constantly evolving to best connect all pieces to make a whole.

The participants of this final roundtable are Jonas Bjuhr, Director Product Development at Hydro Extruded Solutions; Uwe Rastel, Vice President Engineering at Fritzmeier Cabin Group; Ms. Valeria Tirelli, CEO at AIDRO; and Dr.Ing. Gerhard Kopp, Group Leader “Lightweight concepts and methods for road vehicles” in the “Vehicle Architectures and Lightweight Design Concepts” Department from the DLR Institute of Vehicle Concepts.

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