The Kuhn ESPRO 6000 R universal seed drill passed the tests conducted with the test criteria specified in the DLG test framework. Based on the results obtained, the Kuhn ESPRO 6000 R seed drill was awarded the test mark “DLG APPROVED” for the criterion “work quality” in 2016.


The machine was tested on the test bench (laboratory test) where two parameters – metering accuracy and lateral distribution – were determined with rape, barley and wheat using a stationary positioned seed drill. Field tests began with rape sowing on August 25, 2016. Different work quality parameters were collected and evaluated on September 28, 2016. Wheat sowing took place on October 10, 2016. Work quality data were collected and evaluated four weeks later. The seedbed on both fields was considered as fine-crumbly. No other criteria were tested.


A „DLG APPROVED test for individual criteria“ quality mark is awarded to farm machinery that has passed a limited test program within a DLG usability test which is conducted in accordance to independent and approved assessment criteria. The purpose of the test is to highlight a product’s specific innovations and key features. The test may be carried out either to criteria laid down in the “DLG Full Test” framework for technical products or may include further features and properties that confirm a specific value to the product. The minimum standards to be applied to the product, the test conditions and procedures as well as the criteria by which the test results are to be evaluated are defined in cooperation with a DLG group of experts. These parameters reflect the acknowledged state of the art as well as scientific findings and agricultural insights and requirements. After a product has passed the test, a test report is published and the quality mark is awarded and will remain valid for five years from the date of the award.

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