PotatoEurope is aimed at giving visitors practical tools and insights for precision agriculture in order to take the entire potato chain, both nationally and internationally, to the next level. The organisers have worked with main sponsor Case IH, Aeres University of Applied Sciences and Agrifirm, among others, to initiate a large-scale precision farming project. At PotatoEurope 2017, potatoes grown in the conventional way will be compared with potatoes grown using precision farming methods on an area comprising over 20 hectares, which is truly unique. In addition, there is a live demo of controlled traffic farming with a lane width of 3.15 metres.

The precision farming project is being conducted using the Case IH system. During ploughing, the Case IH Advance Farming System (AFS) was used to determine the soil resistance. This enabled a prescription map to be produced as the basis for variable potato planting.

Click here for more information.

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