DLG’s Power in Tests and Certifications

Testing and certifying agricultural machinery through DLG is synonymous with reliability, professionalism and experience. As an international leader in this field, DLG has tested for the food, agriculture and animal husbandry sectors for more than 130 years with more than 5.400 machines tested by 1934 in the agricultural machinery sector.

The results of these tests, performed at the highest level, provide precious information for farmers and guarantee that they are buying a highest-level product certified by a neutral, world-renowned organization. For agricultural machinery manufacturers, the recognition of the DLG certification as one of the most prestigious in the world solidifies market power.

DLG Italia’s added service to Italian manufacturers

DLG Italia is assuming a new role in order to offer an even more complete service to Italian companies. We are now able to support you in the testing and certification of agricultural machinery and components through DLG’s test center in Gross-Umstadt, Germany. Thanks to the addition of Agronomist Paolo Bertin to DLG’s Italian subsidiary, we can organize every aspect of the certification process. Please contact Bertin at p.bertin@dlg.org or +39 051 0069 156.

Inauguration of top-class test area

DLG inaugurated a brand-new center for tractor tests and certifications on March 15th and 16th at DLG-Testzentrum Technik und Betriebsmittel in Gross-Umstadt. Bertin, from DLG Italia, along with more than 80 professionals from some of the most important manufacturers as well as international journalists and national authorities participated in the official event. Technical workshops focusing on tests and certifications for agricultural machinery and components held by DLG engineers were also a highlight of the two days.

One of the main topics of the inauguration was the dynamic PowerMix test which measures fuel consumption and performance in 14 real farming conditions (12 field cycles and 2 transport cycles) including tillage, sowing and towing. This test, unique to DLG, follows the OECD certification protocol and is a benchmark of costs for farmers and contractors.

The other two important topics were the “Cabin test” regarding safety standards and legislation for research and development and the latest test regarding “Video-monitor systems in agricultural machinery”, currently undergoing updated legislation to move to road vehicles.

Technical aspects

This recently inaugurated modern test area is able to test tractors with a wheelbase of 2.005 – 6.000 mm, a maximum machine width of 3.900 mm and a maximum tonnage of 60 t (15 t/wheel). This test center also guarantees standard test conditions and is equipped with four dynamometric rollers able to absorb forces transmitted to the wheels of up to 700 kW per axle. In addition, to measure the force supplied by the PTO, an engine able to absorb 600 kW of power and reach a speed of 4.500 rpm is utilized. Hydraulic groups up to 150 kW can be tested thanks to the tubing of the hydraulic circuit that guarantees a maximum flowrate of 500 l/min and a maximum payload of 300 bar.

Unique characteristics

DLG’s certifications and tests, performed in high-tech conditions at one of the most advanced test centers in the world that is equipped for the most modern tests with the support of a large group of experts, are internationally recognized and esteemed in the agricultural machinery sector.

Added market value

DLG “Approval” certification represents a neutral assessment tool seen as essential to reinforce market influence. With the investment of an innovative test area, DLG is moving towards a new era in the world of certification through the most modern methods and test equipment, ensuring more and more detailed tests regarding the actual performance of products on the market.

To date, DLG has published more than 4.000 test reports online based on the neutral protocol of their Test Commission. These reports are downloaded 1.000.000 times per year – proof that farmers trust us. We test tractors. And always have. DLG.

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