Dana Incorporated: From Clarence Spicer to Systems & Components 2017

Dana has evolved from humble beginnings – in 1904, engineering student Clarence Spicer patented the first practical universal joint for automobiles and with the subsequent help of financier Charles Dana, Dana Incorporated developed to become an international leader in systems for mobile machinery. Building on these strengths, Dana Incorporated products have helped to drive history’s greatest vehicles – from the Ford Model T and Jeep vehicles from World War II-era to modern passenger cars, commercial vehicles and off-highway equipment used in agriculture, construction and material-handling.

How has Dana’s strategy evolved over time?

Dana has developed an enterprise strategy titled “Shifting into Overdrive,” which uses our well-established technology and commitment to continuous improvement as a base and establishes clear enterprise priorities that guide our activities and investments.

This all-encompassing framework directs our collective decision-making and focuses our attention on five primary dimensions: leveraging the core, strengthening customer centricity, expanding global markets, commercializing new technologies and accelerating hybridization and electrification.

How do you address the needs of the market?

Among other products, Dana designs and produces advanced hydrostatic, hydrodynamic and powersplit transmissions for wheel loaders, sprayers, telehandlers and other utility equipment used on farms. Dana offers a full range of options that start with basic transmission configurations for emerging markets to supply proven performance and long-term durability.

What makes you a leader in the transmission market?

We offer high-feature transmissions for developed markets that incorporate cutting-edge technologies for maximizing fuel efficiency and productivity. The features for hydrodynamic transmissions include:

  • reduced internal rotational spinning speeds;
  • optimized clutch capacity;
  • intelligent lubrication and cooling;
  • a high-efficiency, cast-aluminum torque converter that optimizes oil flow more efficiently than stamped steel designs;
  • high contact-ratio helical gears for reducing noise;
  • upgraded software and enhanced hardware capacity, flexibility, and expandability that enable advanced control capabilities such as precise inching, eco-drive, power drive, and next-generation overlap control;
  • converter freewheel and lock-up clutches that optimize efficiency in high-power conditions; and
  • streamlined integration with a broad spectrum of advanced parallel hybrid technologies that recuperate energy through electric, kinetic, or hydraulic systems.


Also, Dana Rexroth hydromechanical variable transmissions (HVTs) use a powersplit design to improve fuel economy, productivity, emissions and maneuverability. Engineered for agricultural wheel loaders, sprayers, forestry equipment, they significantly reduce fuel consumption by decreasing engine speeds throughout the duty cycle and also at idle, when speeds can drop to as low as 600 rpm.

A product of the joint venture between Dana Incorporated and Bosch Rexroth, Dana Rexroth HVTs enable sensitive, precise vehicle positioning with a stepless drive that offers improved acceleration while maintaining tractive effort. They optimize the operating point of the diesel engine by decoupling engine speed from drive speed, and maintenance costs are reduced by utilizing hydrostatic braking and wear-free directional reversing without clutches.

Why did you choose to participate in Systems & Components?

As the world’s largest trade fair for agricultural machinery and equipment, AGRITECHNICA’s System & Components technology forum provides an opportunity for us to present our latest products and innovations and also facilitates extraordinarily valuable conversations with OEM customers, equipment buyers and operators that help to guide our development efforts.

Dana will debut comprehensive offerings for the global agriculture industry that include Spicer® drivetrain solutions and newly acquired Brevini™ power-transmission and fluid power solutions, demonstrating to customers the technological and supply-chain benefits of using a single source that can integrate the mobility and work functions of agriculture machinery.

Where do you see the theme of Systems & Components – “Connectivity – Stay with us, stay connected!” – in Dana?

As is the case with other vehicle and equipment markets, the agriculture industry is shifting away from strictly mechanical systems to complex, integrated mechatronics and software systems.

Spicer® Smart Suite™ technology reflects Dana’s ongoing movement toward digitalization by providing a platform of fully integrated, connected-vehicle features that converts operating data from the drivetrain into actionable insights for enhancing productivity, improving operator and machine safety, reducing maintenance costs and decreasing total operating costs.


The concept of “connectivity” is perfectly highlighted through transmissions and related technology, only one of the many product groups that will be highlighted at Systems & Components in AGRITECHNICA 2017.

All information for visitors and exhibitors is available online at http://www.agritechnica.com.

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