The Ergonomic Basis of Cabins

At AGRITECHNICA, visitors have the chance to stroll through the maze of booths and companies to view and experience the latest in agricultural machinery and equipment. Entering the scene is Systems & Components, where it is possible to explore the numerous product groups displaying the latest in terms of innovation and creativity. The first logical stop is the point of contact between farmer and machine: cabins.

A farmer’s workplace

Have you ever dreamed of your ideal cabin, one that combines ergonomics, comfort and safety? One that goes back to Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, the quintessential comparison of human symmetrical proportions to those of universal symmetry? The man in this famous work from 550 years ago is an excellent example of how stability and the center of gravity are central in a circle – exactly where the shape of cabs is headed today, many of which will be exhibited at Systems & Components in November 2017.

Ergonomics in cabins

Ergonomics is based on “anthropometry,” the study of the measurement of humans. The word “ergonomics” comes from the Greek words ergon, meaning work, and nomos, meaning laws. In other words, ergonomics signifies a person’s relationship to work and is equivalent to creating a productive and efficient work environment. To be both productive and efficient, one must also be comfortable and safe.

In the agricultural field, farmers spend many hours in a cabin – the determining factor of the quality of the farmer’s work environment. This requires the optimization of the entire work environment, in this case a cabin, thus leading to a higher economic return.

Fundamental characteristics

To provide this environment, a cabin must be equipped with the latest technological innovations. Grammer Ag, a leader in the development of systems and components for cabins, said, “Modern agriculture is placing ever-greater demands on machines and their operators. We concentrate our efforts on the aspects of biomechanics, ergonomics, vibration absorption, and user-friendly operation with the goal of steadily improving the comfort of the end user.” (Source:

Siac-Lochmann recognizes the need for safety and comfort and is constantly striving to improve their cabins according to European laws and specific certifications. “All of our cabins pass the ROPS, FOPS and TOPS tests for the static seal of the frame as well as the pressurization test of European regulation EN 15695 – 1:2009, Class 4 in case of contact with toxic chemical agents.”

As Fritzmeier, one of the leading cabin manufacturers, said, “We are going in the direction of system integration with increasing requirements in safety, ergonomics and performance for the machine operator of the future which leads to an increasing digitalization of machines and cabs.” To best achieve this goal, companies with a shared vision, including Fritzmeier, have come together as the Cabin Concept Cluster (CCC) to propose a product that fulfills all the needs of the end user.

Connectivity in cabins

The main theme of Systems & Components is “Connectivity – Stay with us, stay connected!” Siac-Lochmann highlights this connectivity through their cross-industry approach in the design and production of cabins for agricultural, construction, municipal and industrial sectors.

Connectivity at its peak is present in the Smart CAB, the culmination of the hard work and creativity of the CCC, which will be unveiled exclusively at Systems & Components 2017, where the ideas of many different people and companies are brought together, connected, to present the ideal cabin.

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