“Power & (E)Motion”: Systems & Components in Agritechnica

Behind the scenes with Raffaele Talarico

Systems & Components, a specialized cross-industry trade show and one of the star attractions of Agritechnica, was the vision of Raffaele Talarico, responsible for the conceptual and technical program of this specialized trade show. For the third time, Systems & Components, a sub-brand of Agritechnica, will take place in Hanover from November 12 to 18, 2017.

A unique space for the “ABCs of Engineering”

As Talarico, the founding father of this “trade show within a trade show” explains, the connection of many small parts brings an object to life – only in this way does it become dynamic and efficient. In agricultural machinery, the systems controlling power and motion, ergonomics and safety are all created through the connection of many components.

For this reason, a special area dedicated only to the systems and components that go into this complex machinery was created. The layout of Systems & Components comes from the simple principle behind every successful trade show – to give visitors the possibility to reach as many exhibitors as possible in the shortest amount of time and in the most logical way.

Systems & Components completely fills exhibition Halls 15, 16, 17 and 18 with more than 700 exhibitors and attracts more than 100,000 professional visitors from management, R&D, procurement, research and academia.

Innovation leader

As an international platform highlighting the latest developments and innovations in the components of agricultural machinery and related industries, creative content creates itself in this future driven space dedicated exclusively to components. This fundamental content leads to the communication between components and the basis of smart technology, which are the roots of smart maintenance and the concepts behind Industry 4.0.

The exhibitors at Systems & Components are industry leaders, established mid-size companies and start-ups from more than 40 countries. They bring their knowledge and expertise from the fields of engines, electronics, cabs, drive systems, hydraulics and spare and ware parts. The systems used to manufacture agricultural machinery, as well as that of related sectors, are highly complex, and the coordination and connection of mechanical, hydraulic and electro-mechanical components is key in the engineering of this machinery.


The main theme of Systems & Components 2017 is “Connectivity – Stay with us, stay connected!”, highlighting how the interaction between components creates the systems that go into the construction of mobile applications.

As Talarico emphasizes, “The synchronization of complex systems requires ‘connectivity’ – not just of components but also between people. We offer the possibility of bringing people and knowledge together from around the world during the seven days in November.”

Expectations of 2017

This November, exhibitors and visitors will have the chance to be together and look into the future with a long-term vision and goals. Systems & Components offers a shared space that perfectly portrays the “art of engineering” created by people whose work is their passion, people who go beyond today and look towards tomorrow. The connection between today and tomorrow is a bridge made of many…small pieces.


All information for visitors and exhibitors is available online at http://www.agritechnica.com.

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