Ortomec: “Hortitechnica is a launchpad for the German market”

The Venetian agromechanical company is partnering with Dlg Italia in their Head Crop Special “Italians take the field” at Hortitechnica 2016

By Lorenzo Pelliconi


Nicola Gallo, owner of Ortomec, on the Cleaner 2 Improver Cleaner

Ortomec was founded in 1998 with four partners with many years of experience in the engineering and horticultural sectors. The company, with headquarters in Cona in the province of Venice and now involved in the sector of machinery for the harvest of produce and seeds, has embraced Dlg Italia’s project at Hortitechnica 2016 at the Trade Fair in Stuttgart from November 27th to 30th , 2016. Ortomec is one of the partners of the Head Crop Special “Italians take the field”, where the entire process of growing a head of lettuce will be shown.

Which processes and machines will you present at the Special at Hortitechnica?

“Starting with tractor-mounted harvesters, we will be bringing Models 2000, 4000 and 5000. The self-propelled harvesters on wheels are Models 8000, 8100, 8200 and 8400, while those on tracks are Models 7000, 7200, 9000 and 9200. To show the complete range, we will also bring seeders, shaker tables with belts – rollers – discs, sand spreaders and the float-system. The mentioned models are also available in the Herbex (patented) version for the harvest of crops like valerian, pak choi, spinach with roots and heads of lettuce.”

Why are you presenting these specific machines?

“After a few years of tests, studies and development, Ortomec is presenting its lettuce head harvester. Thanks to the special Herbex system, the Ortomec head harvesters are able to harvest the product by loading it on the machine, keeping it in the same position that it was in the soil without touching it. This method avoids dirtying and/or damaging the plants. The transportation belt is equipped with soft plastic nails to keep the heads in place without damaging them while going up the belt. The harvester head is equipped with sensors for electronic regulation of the cutting level. These sensors are laterally adjustable to position them exactly between crop rows. The Herbex harvesting and cutting unit for heads can be assembled on all of Ortomec’s self-propelled machines.”

Why are you participating in Hortitechnica and what are your expectations regarding this first edition?

“We’re investing in Hortitechnica with the hope that it will be a launchpad for this new product, using this possibility to have both a static exhibition as well as a dynamic one in the field.”

At Hortitechnica, what is the reason for your participation/partnership in the Head Crop Special organized by Dlg Italia and what are your expectations?

“Since Germany is a very important horticultural market where many variations of heads of lettuce are produced, we hope to meet professionals at Hortitechnica from this sector that will see a solution to their needs in our products.”

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