Landini: “Hortitechnica completes Intevitis Interfructa”

Argo Tractors S.p.A., with a revenue around €461 million in 2015, is one of the world’s leading tractor producers, setting itself apart with 100% of its production Made in Italy. In the tractor business, the company has four production sites in the territory of Reggio Emilia: two in Fabbrico, one in San Martino in Rio and one in Luzzara. These plants employ a total of 1,650 workers. In the past three years, 5.5% of the Group’s revenue has been invested in Research and Development and to update manufacturing processes, as well as the modernization of the industrial machinery. There are almost 500 different models of tractors produced between the CEE and non-CEE markets that fall into thirty families, with powers from 23 Hp to 310 Hp.

The annual productive capacity is more than 22,000 tractors with 85% of the revenue from export. There are eight sales branches (three in Europe, four in America and one in South Africa), two spare part distribution centers (one in Italy and one in France), 130 importers and 2,500 dealers in the world.


Tanja Baering, Director of Argo’s German branch

Which processes and machines will you present at the Special at Hortitechnica? 

Landini will present three specialized machines, the REX 100GT, a wide tractor for orchards and vineyards with the possibility to use it in open fields for light work and two High Clearance 5-110D versions which are ideal for working on bedded land.

Why are you presenting these specific machines?

The new REX series now offers a redesign of the cabin through the function use of colors. One wall boasts a color to create a relaxing environment while the other allows the driver to immediately identify the main operative commands. The hood is also completely redesigned, now made in polymeric material and more mechanically and environmentally resistant and in line with Landini’s newest look for the latest models. The technical-functional solutions have not been changed, with the “F”, “GE” and “GT” versions equipped with 3 or 4 cylinder Perkins engines with a maximum power from 68 Hp in the REX 70 model to 110 Hp in the top of the line REX 120. There are two transmissions available, with the basic group of three ranges and five gears that delivers 15 + 15 ratios. The same 3 x 5 structure is the base of the optional “PowerFive” transmission, with an integrated hydro-electric HI-LO that increases the available speed to 30+30 under work through the De-Clutch switch with a synchronized inversion to the “Power Reverse” hydro-electric command. There is also a super-reducer which works only on the two basic ranges and makes 40 + 40 ratios available. The efficiency of the doubled hydraulic system of 100 liters per minute in the configuration of three pumps that supply up to six distributors and the rear lifter with a maximum of 2,600 kg (3,250 kg for the GT model) load weight is guaranteed.The 5D HC Tier 4 Interim Series consists of three models, 90-100 and 110 from 85 to 102 Hp and is powered by Perkins 854E-E34TA (Tier 4 Interim), Common Rail with two valves and four cylinders with Turbo-Aftercooler and a 3,400 cm3 displacement. The technology used in these engines provides an improvement in power, torque and fuel consumption. The transmission has four gears and three ranges with OVERDRIVE or SUPER-REDUCER available upon request. It is available in two- or four- wheel drive with a mechanical or hydraulic reverser.The inside of the cabin has been recently completely redesigned with important ergonomic improvements. With these characteristics, this tractor is ideal to be used with sprayers, for bed cultivation and horticultural Treatments.

The hydraulic circuit has a maximum load weight up to 82 liters/mm. The mechanical lifter with a 2nd category three-point linkage system can lift up to 4350 kg. The Ergonomic Lift System is present in the whole series and allows the automatic lifting and lowering of the arms. Up to four additional distributions are expected, two controlled by a joystick and two commanded by a normal lever on the side of the seat.

Regarding specialized tractors, the REX series was just updated for comfort and design taking into consideration the essential needs of farmers who drive these tractors for many hours.

Why are you participating in Hortitechnica and what are your expectations regarding this first edition? 

Argo Tractors and the Landini brand are well-known for their expertise in the production of specialized tractors. Today, Landini offers a wide range of tractors for special crops. Our intention is to use this first edition of Hortitechnica in Intervitis Fructa as a platform to introduce Landini’s specialized line to customers and dealers interested in a large variety of specialized applications.

At Hortitechnica, what is the reason for your participation/partnership in the Head Crop Special organized by Dlg Italia and what are your expectations?

Demonstration is an important tool for us to demonstrate specific applications of a tractor or machine to customers. The Head Crop Special organized by Dlg Italia gives us the possibility to put the specialized Landini line to use and takes us beyond the typical static framework of a trade show.

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